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17 Jul 2015 by Mary
09 Jan 2013 by dadunqrn
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06 Jan 2013 by Andrej
Apr26Aditya Khanal Sharukh does not need to make it a huge issue. Whoever comes to US must go through the siceruty process, it is a normal procedure. When anyone is busted into siceruty stuff, they may be questioned, the question session may go one hour to nine hour, it all depends on how well you cooperate to the siceruty officials. In the same scenario, john abraham, Salman Khan has also gone through, but they never brought these into media so wildly, Sharukh is a normal passenger only when he goes through the airport, please request to shahrukh not to let his stardom go on top of his head. stardom has nothing to do with siceruty check. Even US president should go through it. Please donot bring minor issue into media,,, shahrukh. we know you are smart in doing advertisement.

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